Effectively removes chlorine from your pond or indoor aquarium

detox imageAs all fishkeepers know, it is necessary to remove chlorine and other impurities from tap water when introducing it to a pond or aquarium. Failure to do this can result in fish health problems and it also adversely affects the growth of beneficial bacteria in all filters. The most common method of de-chlorination is to add chemical treatments to break down the chlorine.

This method is costly and can require accurate measurement of the amount of water to be treated. The De-Tox de-chlorinator simply connects in-line to a hose pipe with standard hose fittings (supplied). The De-Tox carbon filter removes the toxins in tap water prior to it coming into contact with your fish and filters.

De-chlorinators are available in 12 inch 30 inch.

Model Max Flow Rate Treats up to
FC - 12” Filter
4.5 litres/min
1 UK gallons/min
1.2 US gallons/min
150,000 litres
33,000 UK gallons
39,000 US gallons
FC - 30” Filter
9 litres/min
2 UK gallons/min
2.4 US gallons/min
350,000 litres
76,922 UK gallons
92,470 US gallons

More Information

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