Yamitsu Algae Master UVs

Yamitsu Algae Master UVsYamitsu Algae Master range of UVs have been manufactured in Great Britain since 1990. Yamitsu Algae Master UVs unique specification and design ensures a high efficiency unit at an affordable price.

Yamitsu Algae Master UVs Features, are made from UV stabilised materials to ensure a longer life and incorporate turbulators to enhance the unit's Yamitsu Algae Master UVsperformance. Large inlet and exhaust ports make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Single tube units are available in ,15, 25, 30 and 55 watts.  Twin units are available 110 watts.

It is recommended that Algae Masters should be installed using solid solvent weld pipe. However, the units come complete with free (glue in) hosetails enabling them to be connected to ½", ¾", 1",1¼" and 1½" flexible pipe. It will also fit most popular 1½"household solvent weld waste and pressure pipes.

What size UV do I Yamitsu Algae Master UVsneed? The figures detailed below are based on a pond positioned in partial sunlight, we recommend you upgrade to a higher watt UV if your pond is in direct sunlight.

A UV Clarifier kills single celled algae, which causes green water. Green water can have a Yamitsu Algae Master UVsdetrimental effect on the health of your fish and water quality. We advise fitting a UV Clarifier to your system. Please ensure the capacity of the UV accommodates the volume of water you have in your pond and consider the exposure of direct sunlight you have.

Unit size Max Pond Size* Max Turnover* Electricity consumed
11 watt 1,500 gallons 6,750 litres 1,000 gph 13 Watts
15 watt 2,000 gallons 9,000 litres 1,500 gph 18 Watts
25 watt 3,250 gallons 16,625 litres 2,500 gph 16 Watts
30 watt 4,500 gallons 20,250 litres 3,000 gph 30 Watts
55 watt 6,000 gallons 27,000 litres 4,000 gph 38 Watts
30 watt (2 x 15 watt) 3,800 gallons 17,100 litres 2,500 gph 36 watts
50 watt (2 x 25 watt) 6,000 gallons 27,000 litres 4,00 gph 32 watts
60 watt (2 x 30 watt) 8,500 gallons 38,250 litres 5,000 gph 60 watts
110 watt (2 x 55 watt) 11,400 gallons 51,300 litres 7,500 gph 76 watts
220 watt (4 x 55 watt) normally used for bacterial control or larger ponds
330 watt (6 x 55 watt) normally used for bacterial control or larger ponds
* This is maximum not optimum.
All sizes and specification quoted above typical UK weather system / climate.

More Information

For more information on Yamitsu Algae Master UVs or any other enquiries call 01424 815200 or email us with your details and enquiry to sales@ickleshamkoi.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.