The Professional Range of UV Clarifiers from Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua’s range of UV Clarifiers consists of the evo30 (30 watt UV bulb), evo55 (55 watt UV bulb) and evo110 (2 x 55 watt UV bulb).evo 110

The evo30 is suitable for ponds up to 30,000 litres, the evo55 is suitable for ponds up to 55,000 litres and the evo110 is suitable for ponds up to 75,000 litres. There are factors that can affect this, in particular surface area of your pond, the amount of shade given to your pond and stocking levels. If in doubt, speak to your dealer for more advice.
evoUVs ensure that your pond water will have amazing clarity, by killing the single cell algae that causes green water.

All of our evoUVs have been designed using the very latest design techniques to ensure that the water will flow effectively within the unit, allowing the ultraviolet light to destroy the algae as it passes through.

Not only does the evoUV look very stylish, making it a fantastic addition to any pond, but it has been designed with a fully UV stabilized, tough outer casing. This means that the evoUV can withstand the recommended operating pressures.

The evoUV has a low energy, electronic ballast that is positioned in a fully water tight compartment, fused, with full thermal overload protection. Your evoUV is built with both safety and low running costs in mind.evo 30

The evo30 and evo55 units are supplied with 1½” stepped hosetails. This allows easy installation with flexible hose. You can also install the evoUV to hard pipe, using standard 11/2" BSP threaded male connectors, which are available from your Evolution Aqua dealer. The evo110 can be fitted to hard pipe using standard 2" BSP connectors. These are not supplied with the evo110.evo 55

Every evoUV is simple to install, and are supplied with pre-fitted stainless steel mounting brackets that allow you to fix the unit horizontally or vertically.

The evoUV comes complete with a 2 year guarantee for total peace of mind.

evoUV Specifications

See the table below for the evoUV specifications:

Description evo30 evo55 evo110
For Ponds Up To (Litres) 30,000 litres 55,000 litres 75,000 litres
For Ponds Up To (Imp. Gallons) 6,600 gallons 12,100 gallons 16,500 gallons
For Ponds Up To (US Gallons) 7,925 US gallons 14,530 US gallons 19,815 US gallons
Max. Flow Rate 15,000 litres/hour 27,500 litres/hour 36,500 litres/hour
Bulb life 9000 hours 9000 hours 9000 hours
Bulb – with EA code 1 x 30 Watt EVO30B 1 x 55 Watt EVO55B 2 x 55 Watt EVO55B
Inlet / Outlet (UK Models) 1½” BSP male thread 1½” BSP male thread 2” BSP male thread
Inlet / Outlet (USA Models) N/A 2” NPT male thread 2” NPT male thread
Evolution Aqua order codes
for UK hardpipe
fittings only
Adaptor– K82-23-55 Adaptor– K82-23-55 Adaptor– K82-23-66
Union – K82-78-55 Union – K82-78-55 Union – K82-78-66
Electrical Rating (UK Models) 220-240V, 50Hz,
33-36 watt
220-240V, 50Hz,
40-50 watt
220-240V, 50Hz,
67-81 watt
Dimensions including factory
fitted attachments
1000mm x
185mm x 115mm
1000mm x
185mm x 115mm
1000mm x
260mm x 115mm

More Information

For more information on The Professional Range of UV Clarifiers from Evolution Aqua or any other enquiries call 01424 815200 or email us with your details and enquiry to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.