NT Labs LogoFMG Mixture (Formalin & Malachite Mix)

Anti-Parasite and Fungus Mixture of Malachite Green and Formalin formulated for treating sick Koi with a parasite or fungus infection. FMG provides the same treatment levels as the two individual components used separately. A ready mixed Koi treatment eliminating the need to mix separate treatments, the treatment levels are higher than other proprietary mixtures which means this product should not be used when sensitive fish such as Golden Orfe or Sturgeon are present. FMG can be used where Goldfish are present. The market leading Koi anti-parasite and fungus treatment for Koi. There is nothing else on the market as effective as FMG to fight unwanted parasites...A Koi keepers secret weapon! Note: The warnings on the label and handle the product with care. 250 ml treats 9000 litres (2000 gallons).


A mild antiseptic, useful as a quarantine solution to treat fin-rot and ulcers. NT Labs Koi Care Acriflavin is best used in conjunction with Ulcer-Swab and Wound Seal in the treatment of ulcers and other open wounds. 250 ml treats 9000 litres (2000 gallons).

BDS Fluke Treatment

B-D-S is a tried and tested formulation which treats both skin and gill flukes as well as bacterial problems such as fin-rot, tail-rot and fish ulcers. The correct dose of NT Labs Koi Care B-D-S fluke treatment will treat bacterial fish diseases and does not affect the filter bacteria or plants. Koi Care B-D-S persists in the water long enough to destroy the various stages of parasite which may otherwise remain to re-infect the fish. Observe the warnings on the label and handle the product with care. 250 ml treats 9000 litres (2000 gallons).

Flukasol SuspensionFlukasol Suspension

NT Labs Koi Care Flukasol Suspension is an easy to use, ready mixed liquid formula Flubendazole. Anti-Fluke treatment ideal for use when treating Skin and Gill Flukes. Use Koi Care Flukasol Suspension when fish show signs of fluke infestation, preferably after confirmation by microscopy. 500ml Treats 18,200 litres (4,000 Gallons).


Herbal Pond Additive helps to support fish recovering from bacterial infections. Use NT Labs Koi Care Sabbactisun when fish show red wounds, ulcers, missing scales, clamped fins, blotches, fin-rot. Sabbactisun can be used while fish are being treated with suitable medicines. For best results use when temperature is above 18 C. Safe for all fresh and brackish water fish species, invertebrates and aquatic plants. A 500ml bottle contains enough to treat 10 applications of 5000 litres. General Rules of Care: 1. Check water conditions before and during use with Pondlab Water Test Kits especially pH, Nitrite and Ammonia – poor water conditions will not help recovery and may cause sickness. 2. Always apply when you have plenty of time to observe fish. For Parasitic infection you might want to try Koi Care Parazoryne?

EX5 5 Day Course of TreatmentEX5

A 5 day course of treatment to attack Parasites and Fungus. NT Labs Koi Care E-X-5 is effective in clearing up secondary fungal infections. Safe to use in ponds where sensitive fish such as Sterlet, Tench, Rudd and Orfe are present.

Chloramine TChloramine T

Chloramine T reduces bacteria and parasites in pond water. During cold weather (autumn and springtime) use NT Labs Koi Care Chloramine T to keep parasitic protozoa numbers low in ponds until fish are stronger, more active and can resist them better. At low temperatures, when fish are slow, their immune system is sluggish. Parasites can compromise the fish before their defences have become fully active after the water has warmed up. 50g Treats 22730 litres (5000) gallons.


NT Labs Koi Care Malachite is an effective treatment for external parasite and fungus infections. When used together with formaldehyde it's activity is enhanced which means that less malachite can be used. High dose or frequently repeating dosing can damage the gills of the fish. If the required effect has not been achieved after two treatments, take further advice to establish the real cause of the problem. Please note: The warnings on the label and handle the product with care. 250 ml treats 20,000 litres (4400 gallons).

Koivits Multivitamin SprayKoivits

Koivits is a revolutionary multivitamin spray that can be sprayed onto any Koi food before feeding, to supplement the vitamins and minerals in the fish food. NT Labs Koi Care Koivits helps assist in recovery from fish injury or fish illness, especially carp pox, and enhances the colour and vitality in normal regular use. Recommended: Spray Koivits onto Medikoi foods. It will combine the nutritional goodness found in Medikoi with the healing benefits found in Koivits to assist sick fish recovering from illness. Spray Koivits onto Medikoi Health or in the cooler months try it with Wheatgerm with Garlic. 125 ml treats 2273 litres (500 gallons).

Permanganate Excellent Bath Treatment for all InfectionsPermanganate

NT Labs Koi Care Permanganate is an excellent bath treatment for ulcers, parasites and all infections 10ppm dose (10 ml/40 litres - 30 mins). Can also be used for general cleaning of pond water and reducing chemical oxygen demand 1ppm dose rate (10 ml to 400 litres). As a treatment to the whole pond, dose at 2ppm (10 ml to 200 litres). The dosage calculator will only calculate a full pond water dose and should not be used for calculating baths. 250 ml treats 5,000 litres (1100 gallons) at the 2 ppm pond treatment dose. When Permanganate comes into contact with organic material, it breaks down and becomes ineffective as a treatment. To remain effective, the water must remain pink for 10 - 12 hours. If the water becomes brown, the Permanganate is no longer working. Add more, bit by bit, until the water remains pink. This is the reason that permanganate is best used as a bath with clean water which will remain active for the full duration of the treatment.

Propolis Cleans and Seals UlcersPropolis

A waxy substance produced by bees to protect their hives from infection. Supplied as a thick, dark brown liquid for easier application and lasting protection when fish are introduced back into pond water. NT Labs Koi Care Propolis can be spread over cleaned and dried ulcers and wounds.

Ulcer SwabUlcer Swab

Cleans and disinfects wounded and damaged skin. A powerful yet soothing antiseptic solution for wounds and fish ulcers. Use NT Labs Koi Care Ulcer Swab on external bacterial infections such as Fish Ulcers, Fish Sores, Fish Tail Rot, Fish Mouth Rot and Fish Fin Rot. Recommended: Should be used with Wound Seal or Propolis to cover and seal the affected areas to prevent water penetration.Often recommended for use in Angling lakes when returning fish after catch. 100ml size is refil for applicator (with brush cap) size in Paramedic Kit.

Wound SealWound Seal

NT Labs Wound Seal is a thick paste used to seal open wounds on fish, preventing osmotic shock and further stress. Contains antiseptics and Aloe Vera to speed up the healing process. Advice: Best used with Ulcer-Swab as a combined treatment regime.

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