Koi Handling Nets and Bowls

Japanese Floating BasketJapanese Floating Basket

These floating baskets with a detachable lid are used all over Japan.

Uses include:

An essential piece of equipment to help care for your Koi.
Ideal for viewing and treating your Koi.

Smaller koi should be caught using a hand net, the fish will comfortably be held within the confines of the net and transferring smaller fish to a bowl is relatively straight forward.

Larger fish should be caught using Sock net a large net, then transferred gently from net to bowl/basket  by coaxing the fish with a little help from an assistant to transfer itself from one to the other.

When moving any large Koi any distance we strongly recommend the use of a koi sock . These superb items are fairly easy to use, and the better quality ones are very gentle on the fish.

netsPhysically handling any Koi should be kept to a minimum and is only really necessary when buying, treating or showing fish. 

More Information

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