Medicarp Health Diet Koi Food Medicarp Health Diet Koi Food

Medicarp Characteristics

Medicarp contains only natural ingredients.
Medicarp contains Lactoferin and Torua yeast which helps prevent infection and keeps your koi strong and healthy.

Medicarp contains a vegetable plankton (Hemathococcus) which gives your Koi very distinctive colours and the white will become very white. Medicarp is digestible at low temperatures and does not cloud the water. Can be fed to Koi in winter.

Medicarp Analysis Protein 37% more than

  • Fat 4% more than
  • Fibre 3% more than
  • Moisture 10% more than
  • Ash 10% more than

  • Ingredients

    Wheat flour, fish meal, soybean meal, squid meal, hemtacoccus, torua yeast, lactoferin, natural astaxanthin, vitamins and minerals.


    More Information

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