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plans for pond buildSpecifications for Pond Build

  • Gravity Fed Nexus Eazy 310
  • Foam Fractioner
  • Airated Bottom Drain
  • Heat Exchanger
  • UV Sterilizer
  • Pond Insulated with Styrozone
  • Black Fiberglass Finish
  • Block Built and Rendered.
  • Outer Finish TBC
  • Rear Rockery/ Plantin c/w Waterfall
  • Pond return in Pond Wall
  • Filter Housed in Existing Shed.
  • System to require weekly clean
  • Pergola to be built by carpenter
  • Wiring needed for Pond Vacuum @ pond
  • Aquosis Pond Cover needed for Winter
  • Wiring needed for lighting waterfall.
  • Pond Window
  • The Details

    Pond Overflow Pipe to drainage 21) 1000L sump with access hatch & sump pump Wall of shed nearest sump to be removed and replaced with door providing 4ft of storage for pond vacuum, nets, etc.. as well as access for Nexus Installation Sump to have easy access hatch for service & cleaning, as well as to easily vent pond cleaner waste into. Sump Waste Pump c/w float switch to automatically discharge sump into drain using flexable hose buried in existing channelling. 2nd pump to connect to tap outlet to enable watering of garden with waste water. Nexus 310 drains 205 litres per clean. So Sump should take 4 cleans (820 Litres) and needs headroom... hence 1000L minimum. Water Supply to be fitted inside Shed Wet Storage area so de-clorinator and hose can be mounted for pond top-up. Walls either side of Nexus to be used for mounting UV Clarifiers, Foam Fractioner, Heat Exchanger, Air Pumps, Switches, etc.

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    More Information

    For more information on Pond Builds or any other enquiries call 01424 815200 or email your details to sales@ickleshamkoi.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.