Quality Filter Brushes

Quality Filter Brushes are easy to clean and due to the bright colour of the brush you can see when they need cleaning and when they are clean. We offer a Quality Filter Brusheslarge selection of filter brushes that are suitable for all your filtering requirements. These brushes are made of a semi-rigid construction with a wire loop coated in plastic at the end for easy installation.

The bristles on the Filter Brushes are of strong polypropylene and are easily washed by rinsing in a bucket of pond water or with the garden hose.

As Filter Brushes are designed to collect and trap out heavy waste, and are not used as biological media, they can be cleaned with tap water.

More Information

For more information on Quality Filter Brushes or any other enquiries call 01424 815200 or email your details to sales@ickleshamkoi.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.